Dusty, grimy, sometimes packed in trash, and occasionally short

HerpDerp The Diary of Lupin Pooter
A pair of NOS gloves that I donned to protect my hands while snipping off lengths of 304 stainless steel mesh. Handling a couple of small rolls of clean-looking SS for a few minutes left them visibly filthy. Buying stuff from merchants in China directly, rather than from a retailer whose stock comes from a […]

Soldering fixture test: stainless steel mesh + silicone foam

Contrivances Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Here’s the setup I tried: a cut-off length of white silicone foam (with a 15mm x 20mm rectangular cross-section), a roughly square piece of stainless steel mesh, and binder clips securing the mesh against the foam. On occasion, one needs or wants to solder wires to a small and irregularly-shaped component. Last month, I tried […]

This may not have worked (reliably) even if I’d had the pin ordering correct

Contrivances HerpDerp Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Here’s a zoomed-in image of my attempt to connect to an SCD41 sensor without soldering wires onto it or cobbling together some sort of jig with pogo pins. I recently got some SCD41 sensors. They report CO2 level in PPM as well as temperature and humidity. They’re also surface-mount, of the LGA variety and small […]

Calibration slides: a boon for measuring small things like the dimensions of solder pads on surface mount components

Contrivances HerpDerp Mucking About With Things TØØLS
One of the calibration slides, with the 1-mm-per-division scale above a new surface-mount CO2 sensor from Sensirion. I hadn’t aligned the start of the scale with the left side of the sensor yet, but it’s 1 centimeter (10mm) square. The trend seems to be that the share of interesting new thingamajigs and doodads available only […]

Hits and a miss, sort-of fixing obliterated solder pads on a PCB

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter TØØLS
Pre-solder-enblobbening photo of my jury-rigged fix for an obliterated solder pad intended for the positive pin of a coin-cell battery holder mounted on the reverse of the PCB. In recent months, I’ve been lending a helping hand to a few people who’ve shown interest in electronics. I’m not an EE or an electronics expert of […]

Success: eliminated as non-optimal one way of soldering wires onto tiny, irregularly-shaped components

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things Testing TØØLS
Behold, my home workbench. The component I hoped to solder is bathed in the illumination from my microscope’s LED ring light. Tonight, I tried one very simple way of holding an itty bitty, non-flat electronics component and some wires still while I solder the stripped ends of the wires to the pads on the component: […]

The undeserving maintain power by promoting hysteria

Is that the way it is? The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Before heading to a “community testing center” for government-blessed RT-PCR tests, we each did a home-based pinprick blood antibody test. I’ll restrain myself, insofar as possible, from commenting here on Hong Kong politics beyond observing that the territory continues to pursue, as best one can tell, a “zero-COVID” policy. Please know that the title of […]

Wheels for the wheel-less QUICK 6601

HerpDerp The Diary of Lupin Pooter TØØLS
The wheeled cart I purchased to make moving my Quick 6601 solder fume extractor and purifier around. Inside the box, newspaper recycled as environmentally-friendly packing material. The wheels were an optional add-on, replacing the default rickety all-plastic casters.

Storage shelf mitosis

Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter TØØLS
Measuring the shelf upright, trying to figure out the best location for my hacksaw cut. Storage, storage, storage. Utterly tedious, once you’ve made your plan and purchased the storage hardware, and yet at the same time so necessary. Recently, I erected some shelving in our storage room (which was actually intended as the bedroom for […]

An alley in Causeway Bay

Spitting Images The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Photos of and through an alley gate in Causeway Bay (April 2021).

Trying to heat-test some Nitto and Chukoh PTFE adhesive tapes

Contrivances HerpDerp Mucking About With Things TØØLS
The “before” view of my second experimental setup. Three types of PTFE tape, two PTFE-impregnated glass fiber tapes and one straight PTFE tape, all with silicone adhesive, under test. How do you hold components in place while soldering? Not the PCBs on which the components are mounted. PCB holders and PCB vises can be pricey […]

My first taken-through-microscope soldering video

Mucking About With Things Personal Firsts To see a world in a grain of sand TØØLS
Animated GIF clip of me soldering one pin on a breakout board. This afternoon, I soldered some breakout boards and recorded the process using the camera on my recently-acquired microscope (a SHOCREX 3800W) and used my other recent purchase (a QUICK 6601 solder fume extractor and purifier) to deal with the flux smoke instead of […]