First taste of grapefruit + useful citrus peeler (akshully peel-starter) tool

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Until yesterday evening, I’d never consumed any fresh grapefruit. I had an inkling that it was less sweet than, say, an orange and recall reading or seeing or hearing that some people salted cut grapefruit to mask the bitterness (for a pop-sci explanation, check this October 2020 news article at Why adding salt makes […]

Taste of Latinum, Taste of GOLD [condensed soup edition]

Is that the way it is? The Diary of Lupin Pooter
The easiest (or laziest) way of advertising in this corner of the globe is to operate on the basis that local consumers are real-world equivalents of Ferengi route and strongly insinuate that the product being hawked, whatever it may be, is associated with the rapid accumulation of vast wealth. For the first time, I’m seeing […]

Mysterious caterpillar (?) spotted this afternoon

All My Friends Are Insects The Diary of Lupin Pooter
S. and I were on our way somewhere when the slow and gentle undulatory motion of a caterpillar caught my eye. We paused for a moment, I took a short bit of video of the thing zoomed-in as much as possible without reducing the bug to a blur, and then we continued on our way. […]

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

The Diary of Lupin Pooter
The maxim No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. is attributed to Aesop and the fable of The Lion and the Mouse. Today, I’m pleased to bear witness to a good deed done by an unknown stranger. The act of kindness in question strikes me as quite likely completely altruistic as […]

Some Photos (20230323): Non-Normal Human Research Center

Spitting Images The Diary of Lupin Pooter
I cribbed this entry’s title from the English text of a peculiar sticker that I saw on the rear hatch window of a minivan and used a cropped version of the least-blurry image I took through our taxi’s front windshield for the post thumbnail.

Fluoride testing tap water, retail-purchased bottled spring water, and distilled water

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Looks like 0.5 mg/L (equivalent to 0.5ppm) of fluoride in our tap water. According to the Use fluoride page at, the fluoride concentration of our tap water should be 0.5 mg/L (equivalent to 0.5ppm): Domestic water in Hong Kong has been fluoridated since 1961. This has led to a great decline in the incidence […]

Gold-leaf-bedecked, laser-cut cake + cakes with oxygen absorber and oxygen indicator sachets

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Some of S.’s colleagues recently gifted her a couple of attractive, packaged-for-gift-giving-purposes cakes they’d purchased while on holiday overseas. One of the cakes, cherry-blossom-themed, with the transparent plastic removed. One of the cakes featured a cherry blossom motif. It was made of yellow sponge cake to which red or pink food coloring had been added, […]

7030 cool/cold white SMD LEDs and paper circuitry (using copper tape + 3M 9703 anisotropically conductive tape)

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things The Diary of Lupin Pooter To see a world in a grain of sand
I was looking for some large-ish SMD LEDs to incorporate in a paper circuit, using copper tape for the traces, on a note card, to try out 3M 9703 tape (3M Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703), sometimes referred to as z-axis conductive tape because it doesn’t conduct laterally (from side to side, i.e. along […]

De-annoyancing the YouTube subscriptions page (UPDATE: added visual video duration indicators)

Contrivances JavaScript Mucking About With Things
I wrote a userscript to get rid of YouTube’s notifications tally and irritating fly-out on-hover overlays and gray-out upcoming vids and shorts: YouTube-Subscriptions-Better-er.user.js […].

Seeing things that go bump in the night

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things Spitting Images The Diary of Lupin Pooter
A very basic, DIY-ish night-vision camera equipped with 2 beefy IR LEDs recently landed on our doorstep and S. and I took a nighttime stroll to try it out. The short video below was taken with a phone camera aimed at the night-vision camera’s screen while the LEDs were switched on. In low light, the […]

My master misses me!

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I recently restocked my assortment of medium-to-large ziploc bags after finally using up the last of the previous batch, which were extra-heavy-thick but tended to crack (ah-yup, literally crack and split) over time when folded or bent slightly. This time, I went with a different Mainland manufacturer and just extra-thick rather than extra-hevy-super-duper-thick. They’re thinner […]

Labels for stored nuts and bolts as a simplest-possible, just-barely-useful task to furnish motivation needed to begin learning CAD software (FreeCAD)

HerpDerp Mucking About With Things Personal Firsts The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Three containers of M2 coupling nuts (304 stainless steel) bearing my taped-on homemade labels, along with the retailer’s packaging (clear plastic heat-sealed baggies). Motivation is critically important in task-based learning, but acquiring a new skill from scratch can be a hard slog even when you genuinely, even urgently, need to be able to do the […]