Best fuel I know!

The circus appears to be in town.
Rad sign, eh?

Workspace Search 2018 seemed to be inching towards a satisfactory dénouement, but it was just one of those pesky false endings. The adventure continues.

“It’s freezing up here. What did you use to keep warm?” “Indignation,” said Michelangelo. “Best fuel I know. Never burns out.” Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy
Generic Hong Kong industrial buildings debris.
We skedaddled before the titanic gerbil that left those enormous wood shavings returned.
Don't try to jimmy the lock and sneak into this unit!
The note says that nobody can enter without permission.
Outsider art in a stairwell.
Hong Kong is such a cosmopolitan city that even the graphite-pencil graffiti in industrial building stairwells is in English.