Never forget that rubber bands eventually go bad.
AND, if you need less-ephemeral, non-messy rubber bands, use silicone rubber bands (FREE ADVICE #002).

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Fragments of deteriorated rubber bands. At upper left: bits from rubber bands that were, IIRC, bluish-green originally. Or were they purple? They’re bluish-green now. At lower-right: parts of what were once white rubber bands. Rubber bands (here taken to mean solid, non-woven elastic rings) degrade. Whether they’re made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber (e.g. […]

Not *JUST* tableware… “Soft Silicone Baby Utensil Mass Production Process. Silicone Tableware Manufacturing Factory” [APoW]

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Are you the sort of person who takes an interest in how some of the things you use are manufactured? If so, then permit me to recommend the All Process of World YouTube account. APoW gives viewers a peek into manufacturing processes of an eclectic variety of goods in Korean factories. Their choice of content […]