October 11, 2018

Today’s pre-soldering photo

The seller included the pin headers but yours truly had to stump up the 2P screw terminals. Today's recreational soldering: some breakouts for Si4599
August 22, 2018

“They Live”, but WeLend

A Hong Kong company is running a an ad campaign in which a loan is anthropomorphized as a cute woman in shiny knee-high boots and a really short cheerleader
June 1, 2018

Bedhead systems

From left: call button receptacle, call button plugged in (button itself dangling) with red reset button overhead, and a red triangular emergency-pull
May 11, 2018

When Goop goes bad

It had been a year or more since I'd needed the cleaning power of Goop, but need it I recently did, so I dug out my mostly-full 14-ounce container of orange-scented
April 27, 2018

You Need Cry, Dear

You Need Cry, Dear sort of, very loosely, sounds like the characters printed in Chinese beneath the nonsensical English. The Chinese translates to something
July 22, 2017

Look closer

See anything interesting in this photo? Neither of us did at first, either, when we were having a gander at the original scene a few months back, but I
February 23, 2017

“Infinite LIGO Dreams”

Yesterday, we finally got our print of Penelope Rose Crowley's phenomenal Infinite LIGO Dreams (Artwork inspired by gravitational wave discovery) back