Do Not Soak

HerpDerp The Diary of Lupin Pooter
First time I'd seen a DO-NOT-SOAK warning on a coffee mug.
Huh. Didn’t read this label on the bottom of the mug until I’d turned it upside-down to hand-wash the base.

This Fallout-themed mug had been sitting in our kitchen sink for a day or so, exposed to water to the extent that, when the tap was used, some water splashed into the basin where the mug sat. As I began to wash it, the decals on the bottom of the mug began to slide around and I snapped a photo. Under slightly more vigorous scrubbing with a dish sponge, they crumbled and were washed down the drain.

The thermochromic panel works fine, but the mug is large, probably bigger than it appears in the image above. We drink espresso here (with cream, no sugar) and even four shots don’t fill and heat it sufficiently to reveal more than the lower third of the design.