Just use a different-country ZAMAON (if feasible)

The Diary of Lupin Pooter TØØLS ZAMAON.C0M

We’re living through interesting times. A relatively minor subplot of the whole shebang is the sclerotization and crumbling-at-the-margins of Web 2.0 behemoths like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple (as well as their co-dependent, co-evolved big-tech-company symbiotes). At this point, the deterioration is undeniable and slightly painful to those who interacted much with the same companies in earlier, happier, less-dysfunctional times.

All of this is a long-winded way of introducing a very short post that bookends a previous entry here, one in which I questioned the reasonableness of Amazon.com’s requirements of a biz account and medical-technology licenses/credentials to purchase a precision ESD bitholder: New (to me) Amazon shenanigans: Requiring a business account AND a “healthcare license” to buy a screwdriver bit holder.

At the time, I availed myself of a still-functional, probably vestigial mechanism for reporting problems with product listings to Amazon. Weeks later, the listing remains broken. The Available with an Amazon Business account and healthcare license. nonsense persists, above the same Create a Business Account button and a Learn more about healthcare licenses link.

Two Wera 1013 Micro ESD bitholders.
Two Wera 1013 Kraftform Micro ESD bitholders (one still in box)

For the moment, however, there are no such unjustified impediments to purchasing the same item from Amazon.de and they have (or had) stock.