Looks like a worthwhile use of GPUs to me!

HerpDerp Personal Firsts The Diary of Lupin Pooter
Totally not a waste of processing power and electricity. Nope. No siree.
Count the ZOTAC GPU boxes. Don’t forget to smile and wave at the surveillance camera pointed at the open door. It and the street-facing windows are open to facilitate a cross-breeze for free, or at least cheap, cooling.

I’m looking for workshop space. It’s Hong Kong and we’re dealing with Hong Kong real estate agents and Hong Kong landlords and so, at times, it’s been about as miserable an experience as those facts imply. Nevertheless, there have been some interesting moments.

While waiting for a key-bearing landlord rep to materialize and let us inside a (totally unsuitable) unit in a generically grimy and dilapidated industrial building in the New Territories, we had a perambulation up and down the hall on that floor, having a gander at our potential new neighbors.

And saw, for the first time ever, what we took to be a Bitcoin-mining setup. Weird.