Voight-Kampff and general sanity self-evaluation visual aids now available in select MTR stations

Three wacky posters in display in the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

Concerned that you might be an empathy-less replicant whose belief in their own humanity is a delusion based on false, implanted memories? Worried that you may be losing your mind? Head to your nearest Hong Kong MTR station and have a gander at one of the posters shown above (scroll to see all three).

If the facial expressions (grimace or squint) of the magnifying-glass-wielding MTR mascot and its air of disdain towards the suffering humans depicted in the posters don’t seem “off” to you, then you may be a replicant. If the posters make perfect sense (e.g. it seems plausible to you that the old woman with the wheeled trolley was walking up or down a moving escalator, you don’t wonder why the graphic designer enlarged the jacket on the guy with the suitcase, etc.), then you may be deranged.