Better late than never: carbide-tipped hole saws, M35 HSS-Co step drills, and deburrer

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Better late than never.
My second batch of Bosch TM5 carbide-tipped hole saws, with a rubber band holding the packaging on the largest one closed after I opened it, three no-brand-but-putatively-M35-grade HSS-Co step drills, a deburring tool and (not really visible) a plastic box containing ten carbide tips for same.

It sure would’ve been swell if the items pictured above had arrived on Friday, but they didn’t land on our doorstep until Saturday morning. We were gone all day and, since we’re busy tomorrow as well and we haven’t yet gone sufficiently local to drill steel late at night, the job for which I need them will wait a few days.

That’s OK. Between the hole saws and the step drills, it seems likely that I’ll be able to drill the holes I need drilled early in the coming week.

Update: Got it done.

Got 'em drilled.
The holes were a bit rough so the deburrer came in handy.