Quick 6601 solder fume extractor and purifier

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Quick 6601 ready to go.
Top of my Quick 6601 solder fume extractor and purifier, with the tethered remote control and not-yet consulted Chinese-language instruction manual resting next to the base of the flexible duct.

There wasn’t much assembly involved. One end of the flexible duct slides onto the flange mounted atop the machine and attaching the flared rubber intake vent on the other end was easy-peasy. Snapping together the lengths of duct (which came in three separate lengths, in a box inside the main carton) was the only pain-in-the-ass aspect of getting it ready to use.

The remote control is connected via what seems like a telephone wire to a port on the same side of the machine as the power cable and airflow, purportedly in liters per minute, is adjustable via that remote or two small silicone buttons below the red, two-digit flow rate display on the case.

Screen capture from a setup video showing the one crucial pre-use step.
The Quick 6601 is nearly ready to use directly out of the box. There’s just one thing that you need to do first.

A 2017 video from “SUNSHINE TOOLS” (QUICK 6601 Fume Purifying & Filtering System Teaching Video) shows the one thing that must be done before your Quick 6601 is ready to start sucking fumes. There’s a rectangular piece of styrofoam mounted on the bottom of the device’s main filter assembly and held on with (in my case, yellow) masking tape. That has to be removed and discarded.

Everything functions seemingly as described. So far, so good.