Purring is reportedly very complex and often misconstrued

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Marceline grooming Bubblegum. Marceline grooming Bubblegum. Both cats seemed content, but neither was purring. I’ve only ever heard a cat purr when being brushed or stroked (aka petted) by a human being. Certainly that’s the only circumstance under which any cat I’ve owned or cared for has purred, but the BBC says that a cat […]

Deep sockets and feeler, radius, and pin gauges

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Wera 05004525001 Belt A Deep 1 Socket Spanner Set (1/4 Inch). Plus a 4mm deep socket purchased separately. Deep sockets are one of those tools that, every so often, I could’ve really used but managed to get along without. So I got a , Wera’s 05004525001 deep socket set (1/4-inch drive). It’s got 9 pieces, […]

James looks up, a CSS animation

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Japanese cat litter packaging. Totally not bizarre-looking.

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